Our Services

We are bunch of ex. Big 4 trained individuals who have decided to start our own consultancy and we are continuing similar work ethics and strive to build on our enviable reputation for providing excellent advice and first class service to our business and personal clients.

We are an experienced and dynamic niche practice that specialises in assisting diverse clients. We have a wealth of experience, talent and resources to provide you the best possible guidance. We always strive to give our 100% to get the best possible outcome of your business need. At all times, we strive to provide correct advices in clear, concise and unambiguous terms.

Our wide experience enables us to understand the nature and culture of our clients and the environment in which they operates. With our range of accountancy, reporting and support services we can help you to maximise your effectiveness and guide you to best practice.


A lost balloonist lands in a random field and asks a man out walking his dog "Where am I?" The man replies "you are three feet in front of me in the middle of a field" "You must be an accountant!" retorts the balloonist "How did you know that?" the man asks incredulously "Easy. What you just told me is 100% accurate but absolutely useless!"

Clients often comment that we are not like other accountants … I assume they mean that as a compliment! We believe; being self-employed or running a small limited company is not just about complex tax planning but also worrying about the bank balance (working capital management) and profitability. Hence, we are proud to distinct ourselves as a business consultant and not just a typical accountant.

We have built Felxi Consultancy with a number of core values:

  • Size:
  • We are quite clear that this would not be anything other than a small practice. We do not want to run an account factory (like other practices around) where we charge clients to speak to us (even when they take us for a meal or a drink). We like to be a business consultant. When a client phones us; we want to know exactly who they are, what they do, the name of their spouse and what football team they support!
  • Price :
  • Every year we conduct a survey of fees amongst other practitioners accountants. We promise that our charges will never exceed the mid-point of our competitors.
  • Quality:
  • Just because our practice is small, do not confuse us with the often unqualified ‘accountants’ working from their kitchen table. We use industry leading tax and accounts production software and our office systems are 99% paper free. All documents are e-filed to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
  • Confidence:
  • You can take confidence that all of our work is covered fully by professional indemnity insurance. You may approach any client past or present and will not find a bad reference.
  • Ethics:
  • we are not here to sell you any product. We will not try and give you investment advice but if you want us to give you details of the people we trust with our own finances then we will but please note that we never take a commission from any third party.

We offer following services at a reasonable cost:

  • Book-keeping:
  • We take full control of your day to day book-keeping work, so that you can invest your time in expanding your core business.
  • Accounting:
  • The preparation of year end accounts and all of the compliance work required throughout the year can be quite daunting to the small business owner. At Sloane Walker we aim to make your life easier by managing all of your accounting requirements.
  • Naturally, as Chartered Certified Accountants we can provide you with the professional support you need in this area of your business, thus giving you the freedom to develop and excel in your chosen field.
  • We will prepare your accounts to comply with the applicable legal requirements and accounting standards, and discuss your accounts with you so that they provide you with a tool to assess how your business is performing.
  • As your Accountants we are in an ideal position to offer you ideas for improving the profitability and financial stability of your business, and if you want to talk through an idea for expanding your business you can call us without worrying about being charged extra fees as this is included in your fixed fee quotation.
  • Taxation:
  • As your tax advisers we ensure that you comply with the ever changing tax rules. We manage your tax affairs so that you meet all of your deadlines for filing returns, and by providing you with professional tax planning and utilising all of your allowances we ensure you only pay the right amount of tax.
  • We can also assist and guide you through HMRC Investigations to ensure you are properly represented and a fair outcome is achieved.
  • Consulting:
  • Whatever stage your business is at, whether it is a new start up, or an established business looking to grow, we can assist you with developing your strategy and provide you with fresh ideas based on our many years of advising businesses like yours.
  • Sage accounts production and Sage 50 Training:
  • We offer Sage accounts production and Sage 50 training at your home, at your business premises or in our office. We have become expert trainers with many years of experience and can offer you complete training including ongoing Sage telephone support.
  • If you are currently happy with your existing accountant but require Sage training we are more than happy to provide this as a stand-alone service.
  • If you require any further information regarding the services our firm can offer, please contact us on 079 8882 5907 and we would be delighted to discuss how we can tailor our services to your business’ individual needs.

We also visit clients at their premises by arrangement.

We can offer you a free initial appointment, so contact us for more information.